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Being part of BiotechTown’s network of partners, supporters and investors means being in touch with an exclusive ecosystem of entrepreneurs, researchers and executives in Biotechnology and Life Sciences. Investing in this partnership means having opportunities for financial return, as well as positive brand exposure in an innovative environment and with top professionals.


The partnership with BiotechTown also guarantees companies the counterpart in support of innovation projects, either for their internal audiences or through interaction with startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors. The hub offers its partners ideation programs, innovation workshops, technology prospecting and product validation, and other topics of interest.

Among the various partnership modalities, opportunities are offered for sponsorship and use of space and rooms. BiotechTown has an extensive calendar of marketing actions and events that can be sponsored, institutionally promoting all partners. Contact us if you want information about sponsorship or rental of spaces.


If you are interested in being a BiotechTown mentor, the benefits are also associated with the unique network of the Biotechnology and Life Sciences ecosystem, which gives mentors the opportunity to learn about new technologies and do business firsthand with new companies. This stimulates the connection between entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, professionals and other stakeholders in this business segment.


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Contact us to know the types of partnership and the benefits of being a BiotechTown partner.

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