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Biotechnology and Life Sciences

BiotechTown is an innovation hub focused exclusively on the development of products and businesses in Biotechnology and Life Sciences. Established in 2018, the hub is based on scientific, technological, and market knowledge to facilitate connections that drive startups and companies of all sizes.


To promote the creation of solutions, BiotechTown invests and accelerates startups of the ecosystem, making them reach the market with success and stability. Since 2018, the hub has invested in 31 startups, adding up to R$10.1 million invested in the ecosystem.


Considered a complete innovation hub, BiotechTown has an Open Lab, a 363 m² shared laboratory that allows the rental of equipment and structure, production of tests or experiments and preparation and execution of RD&I. BiotechTown’s infrastructure also has the CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), a 495 m² production plant designed to develop pilot and commercial lots of health products in an exclusive and customized way on an industrial scale.


Based on these three pillars of activity, BiotechTown works to accomplish its purpose of accelerating the development of solutions and businesses in biotechnology and life sciences to improve people’s lives.

BiotechTown generates business
success because it is:


It has extensive knowledge in the areas of Biotechnology and Life Sciences for the implementation of complete and customized methodologies for the success of each bio-business.


Promotes the connection between entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and experts in industry best practices, fostering an ecosystem favorable to bio-businesses.


Understands that innovation is a fundamental factor in the methodology of work. It creates new paths for the construction of significant results, believing in entrepreneurship as a leverage for development.


It has its own technological and laboratory infrastructure, facilitating the development of research for bio-businesses in an efficient and economical way in one place. Enables projects that need certified infrastructure for research and production.


Recognizes the role of Biotechnology and Life Sciences as transforming agents of society; appreciates and invests in bio-business in order to improve people’s living conditions.


It is the first space of Biotechnology and Life Sciences to provide all these possibilities to new companies and the ones already established in the market.

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