Contract Manufacturing Organization


CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) is a production plant created and configured to serve companies of all sizes in the development of pilot lots and commercial lots of health products.


With a licensed and certified area, CMO was designed for high performance production on an industrial scale, offering services in an exclusive and customized way, with established standards for information security and intellectual property.


The production line follows good practice standards meeting the requirements of the 2022’s RDC 665 of the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency and quality management parameters. This model allows companies to implement or expand their production process, minimizing costs and allowing greater speed in bringing products to market.


Currently, BiotechTown’s CMO complies with the Technical Operational Conditions and is able to perform the activities of Manufacturing of Diagnostic Products for In Vitro Use, classes I, II, III and IV, according to Anvisa, the National Health Surveillance Agency in Brazil.


• Production Rooms
• Productive Area with controlled humidity
• Quality Control Laboratory
• Material Washing and Sanitization Rooms
• Packaging and Labeling Area
• Weighing Area
• Raw Material, Packaging and Finished Product Warehouses
• Cold Room
• Dispatching
• Future Reference

Take a virtual tour and get to know BiotechTown’s production infrastructure:


To perform its activities, CMO has a series of state-of-the-art equipment, including Thermo Fisher Scientific technology.

Access the complete list of CMO’s equipment:


Packaging (primary and secondary)

Elisa test production (kit assembly, packaging and labeling)

Future Reference Monitoring (stability testing)

Bulk product processing

Solutions bottling

Labeling (primary and secondary)


Preparation of solutions and reagents

Production of rapid tests with strip cutting and packaging

Production of rapid tests with immunochromatographic strip impregnation

The pricing for the use of CMO services is based on the specific characteristics of each production demand. To request a commercial quote, contact [email protected].

BiotechTown’s CMO is supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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